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Once your game is purchased, shipped and registered via your account, you are eligible to email our head pirate ‘Grey Beard’ with your answer. Do this by providing firstly your unique registration number in the box provided (this number is automatically added to your account details and you will have received an email notifying you). If you purchased the game personally at an ‘event’ you will have been allocated a unique registration number at point of purchase.

Then enter, in the box provided, your answer as a  Grid reference location (format is 2 letters, space, 5 numbers, space and a final 5 numbers e.g. XY 12345 54321). Follow this with a brief written solution of no more than 200 words.

You will be automatically added to the hunt when you purchase a boxed game.

NOTE: When you purchase from us (other than online e.g. at Trade shows and events) we will create your account within three days. You will be automatically notified by email and your unique reference registration will be allocated.

You can also use this email form for other requests and information.

Please don’t email ‘Blind Pugh’ … he has difficulty reading e-mails.