First batch of games delivered

First batch of games delivered

Thank you to everyone who paid and waited patiently for the games to arrive from China. We have learned a lot from this experience and are now aware of all of the delays, customs, import and VAT problems.

In the first batch of delivered games we have noticed that some of the game play cards are doubled up! This does not cause a problem since you have some spare cards. But please be aware of this when setting up the game since you do not want extra cards in play. Extra Jolly Roger cards are not a problem at all, the game sometimes plays better with extra Jolly Rogers, please experiment and report back to us.

Game Strategy is important to us, if you discover a particular interesting strategic move please, please let us know.

We have recently renamed the ‘Clock Cheat’ to ‘Derek’s Clock Manoeuvre’ to honour Derek who assisted in game play development.

So if you want your name up in lights let us know your strategy.