Searching the HALL:

The Hall Place is the shortest word to spell (4 letters) and as such is most likely to be your first choice when spelling and searching. The quicker a pirate can spell and search the better advantage to be gained, even if he knows that the Hall is not the hidden place he will rapidly gain Jolly Roger cards from the other players.

Playing Derek’s CLOCK Manoeuvre:

One of the more interesting strategic moves is the move known as the ‘Derek’s Clock manoeuvre’. This is a very useful ploy and can be used to great advantage if the Clock Place is not a Pirate’s Home. If a pirate lands on the Clock Place he plays his game as usual… selects a letter from the Loot Bag … tries to spell C L O C K and consequently searches that Place. He then waits for his/her next go. If he then plays a Jolly Roger instead of throwing the dice he can move onto the Corner Square for ‘Go Home’. This has cost one Jolly Roger, but upon landing he can claim a free Jolly Roger from the middle of the board (if there’s one there) thus the move has cost him nothing. He takes a letter as usual and tries to spell a place (his own Home in this case). But this move has the added benefit of landing on his own home and ending the move by moving once more  to any other place. So he returns to the Clock and repeats the move. If, however, the Clock Place is a fellow pirate’s home be prepared to pay some forfeits unless you hold the Key card.

Using Jolly Rogers:

Use those Jolly Roger cards! They can help you land on the exact place or corner you want. Remember that you can’t throw a 1 with two dice, but you can move just one space by playing a Jolly Roger.

N.B. You must always surrender a Jolly Roger card (if you have one) to a stealing pirate if you don’t have their requested Place card.

Confuse your fellow pirates:

Spelling and searching a Place that you already hold the Place card for can confuse your enemies, at the very least it will gain you some Jolly Roger cards. Search it twice or more and watch their confusion!

Steal that Key card:

Whenever possible steal the Key card. You cannot declare following a successful search if you do not possess the Key card. You can steal the Key card from a fellow pirate when landing on the Corner square ‘Steal the Key’. The added benefit of holding the Key card means that the pirate is immune from forfeit when landing on another pirate’s Home.

Play your Jolly Rogers to land on the ‘Steal the Key’ corner.

Visit the CHURCH:

Not only is it good for the soul to visit the Church Place, but you also have the benefit of playing a single Jolly Roger card on your next move and stealing the Key.

Visit the CASTLE:

Very handy location for playing that single Jolly Roger card, moving to the Corner square, then being able to go to any Place (but not Home). This is very useful if you know the location of the treasure, have the Key card and are ready to Search then Declare.

Search Twice:

Always, always, always Search that suspect Place twice!

Dad was an old carpenter and he used to say ‘Measure twice son and cut once’ … If you think you know the hiding place and are ready to Declare be sure to Search it again. Not all Pirates are honest, hardworking, decent fellow human beings (Like Greybeard) and some are certainly prone to telling porky pies. You may have searched the Place once before and been given nothing more than Jolly Rogers, but whether it was an honest mistake or downright pirate deception, search again to make sure. If you’re not given the Place card this time and you don’t hold it in your own hand, it must be in the Treasure Envelope!!!

Watch your fellow pirate:

There is a lot to be gained by observing the play of your fellow pirates! Why have they visited that Place again? Make a note of that, check it out. Did they just receive Jolly Rogers or was there that elusive Place card played? Make notes and watch those thieving pirates.